Friday, March 20, 2009

C4 Jazz & Mojito

C4 Jazz and a Mojito was the story of my Thursday night!

The last time I ordered a mojito was in Sint Maarten while at Klush. It was a special one... strawberry. It was great! I should mention that Klush has the largest collection of vodkas...128 plus vodkas.

Now this one compliments Bump & Wine Cafe was much larger and more traditional. I think when you leave the office and you have to worry about your drink increasing the little pain in your wrist caused by your mouse, you are off to a good start.

C4 was nice. Jazz with steel pan and a lil 'Caribbean lick' was great. It was good for the mood and feeling on the night.
I loved their rendition of bajan folk song, Bridgetown market which really got under the skin of the crowd. I tell you its that 'Caribbean Lick'.

The guys were definitely having a good time on stage. It was relaxing, no words just music.
It was easy, relaxing and good to watch the guys on stage enjoying themselves.

Check them out here -

It was a great night and a good chill out!

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