Thursday, March 12, 2009

My WorkSpace Before A Live Radio Session

I was just reconfiguring my space to get ready for guests in the BoomTribe HQ tonite.

Yup, The Icecrew "Ole Dub DJs". They are the Thursday night staple on Radio. 3 hours of Live Ole Dub on ( 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM I BoomTribe Headquarters Time.
Anyways I was just rearranging my space to get ready for the guests to the BoomTribe HQ and well you know me.

An idea hits me, why not let you see my workspace for a live event.
We have:
- the laptop - I might grab another one too. You know what that is used for
- headphones - we international got to take those free calls compliments skype
- blackberry - well you got to be connected for the people who want to pay to call you. And well for fast response to emails etc. When you go live on air you just might need to have msn, google talk, emails, txts in your hand.
- mouse - speed on the laptop
- CG 2.0 sign - the challenge with live shows is that things get bus. Name tags never worked for me. When you being wild and not staying still there no chance for them to read your name.Thus the sign
Heineken Keg - fuel the wildness
Heineken glass - it is premium wildness.

So time to get back to work - Goodbye

Corey Graham 2.0
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