Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ready For Summer Carnivals?

The days are counting down. The artiste are in the studios, many of them have already completed their 2009 tracks for a sizzling summer for 2kwine. I already have 2 songs officially released for Vincy Mas 2009,

Song: Drinks Reach
Artist: Skinny Fabulous
For: Vincy Mas 2009

Song:  You Work Hard For Your Money
Artist:  Fire Empress
For:  Vincy Mas 2009

The music is coming! That is only 2 hundreds more are coming -

We have Vincy Mas, St. Lucia Carnival, Crop Over & Caribana, Spice Mas, Nottingham Carnival, Labour day.

Who has booked their flights?
Or their accommodation?
What about gym time?

Hungry for more info? Hit

Try a search for St. Lucia Carnival 2009 or Vincy Mas 2009 and see what happens?

The info is out there, I know it. That's why I've built to bring that info to you!

Corey Graham 2.0