Saturday, May 23, 2009

Brewsters Road Lime Number 2

In photo - Tremayne, Katalyst and Trevor

I hit the Brewster Road Lime Number 2 last night and had myself a blast. I was out with the team of course Ru Ru ( and Katalyst.
We talked to several people in the crowd and some of the players in Crop Over and I learned some interesting things lots of little changes being made will make this Crop Over very interesting. The CW crew said their hot squad will include 12 of the sexiest girls in the land.
The Forbidden ladies were in the place and working on their upcoming party under the Concorde.
I picked out Ms Applebum from the Island Queen Competition out of the group looking good as usual and having a good time. Boy the extra eye candy never hurt a boi!
It was a good lime, I saw many people who I hadn't seen in a while, from all walks of life. Everyone coming together and enjoying themselves that is what Crop Over is all about!
The people are ready for the Crop Over season. I can feel it in the air I think there might be a lot few events this year as promoters will have to deal with the people being cautious of the recession spending.
I would share an insight that was shared with me. It not about price. It about value during tough times people are more concerned with getting good value for money than price. Those of you promoters out there - remember that.

Alrite I am over and out. Look out for my post coming to