Thursday, June 11, 2009

See Me and Don't See Me - CG 2.0 Enters Crop Over Mode

Crop Over is now ramping up and getting into the swing of things a lot of new music, band launches, Press conferences and meetings.

This summer I will be heavily involved in the new Project and bringing the sights and sounds of Crop Over to you.

I am also excited about getting involved with my first real entertainment blog contribution gig. It with none other than the Beautiful Nurse Karen hailing from the Tdot.

You can see the link directly to my posts on the side of this blog, the main blog link though is go on over and check it out. I feel good to be a part of that blog as it deals with the latest news in Soca Music. Its helping to build the soca community worldwide. Media is an important part of the mix to growth of soca music.

I just heard a new tune for Crop Over from Salt Of Interfaze. The tune called 'See me and Don't See me'

This tune is dealing with a subject matter that I am fairly passionate about. Now very interestingly early in my blogging career I had to deal with some people who did not like the subject matter I was dealing with. They felt like I just had too much time on my hands to be blogging. I was cool with them feeling that way, they could have just find other things online to occupy their time and let me write for the people that were interested in what I had to say. However they made it their business to leave comments and more about what I was writing.
I couldn't understand why people would seek out something they didn't like.

Any ways the long and short of it is See me and don't see me if you find yourself in that category. I ain't vex or fuming at the mouth. Lol. Its that simple see me and don't see me.

I still have to big up Salt on the tune, of course he is talking more about in a soca fete and people concerned with how you are enjoying yourself. I believe in that too!

Here is one of the big lines I not sure got it right but it goes something like

You this is dominoes?
I ain't come to stand up and pose.

Braxx tune.
Corey Graham 2.0
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