Tuesday, November 3, 2009

iNDRANi Woos The Audience At Bayleys Plantation

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending iNDRANi's 2nd music showcase. I had a good time at her first showcase and I was looking forward to see her add more of her personality and up the production level in this second showcase. Truly showcase her talents. She promised she would so I was looking forward it.

Walking into the Bayleys Plantation, home to world music singer and songwriter Eddy Grant I was already in awe. The place was huge! Added to that moment I learned that this plantation was home to slave, Bussa. Bussa for those of you who don't know,  he was a slave who led the major slave revolt in Barbados and his statue is not one of the major landmarks in Barbados. Yeah, so, so far so good.

After walking in and seeing the stage illuminated with the bright spotlights and quite a few seats on the stage for the backing musicians, I know that iNDRANi was going to deliver on her promise. At the last showcase there was just 1 backing musician so production level raised.  I was ready to see what iNDRANi had to offer. I would be honest, I was a bit reserved with my anticipation as I saw the last showcase and i heard some of the songs before ... but iNDRANi out did herself by a mile.

Backed by a small grouping of musicians and performers

  • Terry 'Mexican' Arthur (steel pan, drum machine)
  • Victor Linton (Guitar)
  • Mike Sealy (Guitar)
  • Rena Pilgrim (Vocals)
  • Rochelle Griffith (Vocals)
  • Ezra Hinds (Keyboard)
  • Adrian Green (Spoken Word Artist)
  • Maxwell & Ifentola (Jakuta Drummers)
  • the Children 
  • Jackie Estwick (dancer)
  • Special J Designs - (wardrobe.)

iNDRANi performed about 14 tracks with a 20 minute intermission in between. The crowd enjoyed every moment of it, by the time the second half rolled around iNDRANi had the audience eating out of her palms. Now performing with a group that was now looking like her official backing band . iNDRANi released herself for the crowd to enjoy from her wonderful vocal ability in her performance to her comedy during the breaks between her songs. iNDRANi' ability to take on/imitate different personalities and accents was a big hit with the crowd who were bursting up in laughter. It was no surprise that everyone stayed to the end of the show and they were all very aggressive in requesting an encore from their star of the moment!
iNDRANi stepped back on stage to deliver the 2 crowd favourites, "WANNA BE (THAT THING)" & "I KNOW". She went a step further in inviting "her band" to each freestyle and add to the vibe of the moment. Rena and Rochelle her backign vocalist and also her 2 vocal students were both at shy first but when the light hit them they shone and showed that they too had great vocal ability wooing the crowd.
iNDRANi went off herself for a moment freestyling and writing some new lines to her songs much to pleasure of this crowd.
After the show iNDRANi was mauled by her audience, just like an international artiste everyone wanting to personally thank her for a great evening. Children were also included.

I must also comment on one of the song iNDRANi performed, I really enjoyed "THE DREAMER" which featured Spoken Word Artist, Adrian Green. I loved that.

Let me take this time out to thank  JEFF KINCH for hosting the show and EDDY & ANNE GRANT for allow it to be at their home.

When I interviewed iNDRANi after she urged other Caribbean Artistes to create their own showcases where they could share their talents with friends and family and persons who appreciate their music. She also encouraged artistes not to wait until things happened for them and let other decide their destiny. Get up and make things happen.

My official take - the only thing missing where more bright lights and more people which is only a matter of time.

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Corey Graham 2.0

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