Thursday, December 31, 2009

Work In Progress - CG 2.0 Flavour For Ringing in 2010

Always looking to do things a little different. Its an old idea but brought back with a little 2010 flair.

The motivation is really simple. Its to ring out the ole and ring in the new. Lol yeah.

So after a quick chat with fashion designer in the making Kerin Scott we decided to move forward with an interesting little concept to add to style to the night.

In the photo you can see the project is underway.

Why change my style?
I am not known as any fashion guru or anything but as I embark on 2010 with a strong focus on online marketing. I appreciate the need to add that fashion designer mentality into the things that I do.

When your 4 year old cousin is crazy about customizing everything. It is easy to see how an entire generation will be more driven by style and personalization.

This 2010 I am getting started right before I find mysf the old man on the block!

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