Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Did/Do You Do For Your Birthday?

Thanks to everyone for all the love I have been receiving for my birthday. Its really, really appreciated. I feel good! The well wishes are making me forget all about this annoying cough of mine. More on that a few lines down.

I have been noticing that the #1 question I have received so far is
what am I doing for my birthday?

As someone in social media and also in the entertainment industry, I was wondering what do you do for your birthday?

I know, I know I got to answer the question.

I got a wedding to attend.
And for most of the morning I have been in bed with a cough.
If you know me, you know I don't stay down and out so, as you can see in the picture above I am taking my Panadol and charging up with TWO packs of Duracell! And not regular Duracell or the longer battery life. I going with the high performance cathode!!! Ahaha

By the time I am ready to go again, I am going right now till Threesome Wednesday-Christmas Edition (BoomTribe) and then might pass thru a lil festival know as Trinidad Carnival.
If you don't know about it ask

Oh I got to say Happy Birthday today to Fadda Fox from the Monstapiece Crew. And of course the big man Peter Coppin also a September born.
Check out their big event for all September borns coming up soon!

Oh and about the upgrades, don't worry its coming, working on it all now.

Alrite so its your turn now. What do/did you do for your birthday ???

Leave it in the comments, wherever you read this facebook, twitter, linkedin, brightkite, my blog, plurk etc.

Gotta love social media you get to converse with people and be interesting perspectives.

What do/did you do for your birthday ???

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