Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Ultimate Trini Booze Cruise

Ultimate Promotions (a group of civic-minded entrepreneurs) along with RAMAJAY (a section of Trini Revellers) introduces the Ultimate Trini Booze Cruise, the Carnival Cruise event of the year, on Friday 10th February, aboard the new and luxurious Coral Vision. A special sailing time of 11pm to 3am has been negotiated especially for our patrons. As part of our vision for this premiere event we intend to raise funds for charity by donating part proceeds of ticket sales to help in the development of community projects.

All patrons will be treated as VIPs on board the Ultimate Trini Booze Cruise. Upon arrival our exclusive welcome cocktail aptly named the Trini Booze Passion Cocktail will be served. There will be prizes and giveaways through out the night festivities.  Music will be provided by the re known and ever versatile DJ Richard Simply Smooth of Ebony 104 and patrons can party in peace knowing that secured parking will be provided at port.

The Coral Vision is now the largest vessel currently docked in Trinidad. Its grand size offers extra stability so passengers experience totally smooth and motionless sailing. There are three decks with a bar on each deck.  Ample restrooms room facilities on each deck will satisfy that often overlooked component that ladies especially will appreciate.

Tickets are available at Cleve’s Records and Cellular Planet Outlets in San Juan, Chaganuas, West Mall, Broadway and Long Circular Mall. If you have a charity and wish to partner with us please contact elishaevents(at)yahoo.com or call 467-1556/356-4706/683-0001.


Oral Seifert
Event Co-Coordinator

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